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New site

New photos are going up here now:

Below, I’ve combined my old blog with the defunct Xanga blog, for a more or less complete photoblogging archive from 2002-2008.



Rick’s quest

Met this guy on a trail today. He says he’s almost done busting up this big concrete pad. He hopes to find gold, jewelry and cash buried in a safe underneath. He showed me the front of an old safe that he said someone else had uncovered nearby. He has been digging in various sites along a river near here for years, following the trail of three robbers and corrupt police who buried millions of dollars in loot here back in 1951. He said he had camped out nearby for 4 months last winter while working the area. He said he had molecular detecting equipment that helped him pinpoint the location of the gold and that he had spent 35,000 hours on his quest so far. He told me lots more. I believe him. He’s my new best friend. 🙂