About me

My name is Greg Wood and I am an old hippie from West Virginia currently residing in a tiny town in the middle of Kansas with my wife, two dogs and two cats. I work as a Web developer for a newspaper in a neighboring city and love to go hiking and taking pictures of rocks and trees and stuff, if I can tear myself away from renovating our house (just kidding). I also like to wander around with my camera in alleys, down by the river or at the local zoo on my lunch hour. This blog template is pretty lame, I know. I really don’t have much time to play around with WordPress, but posting photos is fun. I have a bunch of older photos posted at Flickr and if you really want to see them, a newer gallery at wayoffthetrail.com.

Peace out.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Greg, you may be a “West Virginia Hippie”, but you’ve got an “eye”, for whether it’s in the woods, on the river or who knows where else, to photographing anything from the sublime to the ridiculous, all of which I immensely enjoy.
    Don (http://tallgrasspixels.net)

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