I used the perspective crop tool in Photoshop on this wall. Not perfect, but I like it.


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  1. Wow I didn’t realize that you created a blogring with over two thousand members, you as someone I considered to “know” on Xanga (or maybe you have no idea who I am, I just subscribed to you…)Love the perspective crop tool in PS, by the way. You know it’s interesting these days, camera / lens companies are actually changing the way the think about lens design in general because of programs like DXO optics. Nikon for example created the 18-135 DX lens which is AMAZINGLY sharp even wide open, and they intentionally designed it this way while intentionally allowing a bunch of distortion, chromatic aberration, and light falloff. Why? Because with DXO optics, you can easily correct those lens flaws, in fact it’s pretty much automated and it’s as if your lens never had those flaws. Ingenious, isn’t it?Take care,=Matt=

  2. I subscribed after seeing your blog ring link at another’s site.  I love digital photography and all the perks.  I haven’t taken full advantage of the photo albums at Xanga, but plan to do so more.  Just went to Victoria and the Butchart Gardens was fantastic!!  Will post.  Also I moved albums from Yahoo to Shutterfly.  I’m not sure how to surf for that, but my name/title of my albums area is Pictures by Jann or Jann’s Pictures…sorry, can’t quite remember which at the moment and not time to go check now.  Hope you are continuing to enjoy this adventure.
    walkalongside ~ Jann in Oregon

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