On Route 61


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  1. Welcome back!!! I saw this photo on the other site, love it, but cannot decide what it is. Maybe you can enlighten me. It looks like a piece of artwork.
    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. You ate my stuffing? I did not even know that Katie had the recipe.

  2. Nice to hear from you girls, too! Looks like something out of “Star Wars,” doesn’t it? Some kind of abandoned coal loading facility, I think. I played around with it in Photoshop some.

  3. hey, i joined your blog ring and decided to drop by and say what’s up.nice pic…i like how you composed the shot. looks cool with that nice blue sky.i don’t have any pics up on my site yet, but i’m hoping to get some up soon.peace =)

  4. –Hi
    Just passing by, && you take really nice photos… =] I subscribe if you don’t mind! But it’s nice to look around and see other’s work… =] Have a great holiday.

  5. RYC:Yes, that is Katie and her brother on Memorial Day with a bouquet of Lilacs.
    If you do decide to try that salad for Katie, leave out the orange/oranges, as she tells me that she cannot eat them. I make it a lot of times with just the carrots and pineapple and it is delicious either way.

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