Weird light tonight


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  1. You asked me what makes the sky orange, and I didn’t answer you because I wasn’t sure. But, now I found the answer:This is to do with scattering of light. The particles in the atmosphere scatter light by absorbing it and re-emitting in every direction. This is how we see the sky at all. Blue light is scattered more than red light as it has a smaller wavelength (this is Raleigh scattering) and so the sky appears blue.With sunsets, the light has had to travel through the atmosphere, from the sun, to get to your eyes. On the way, the blue has been scatterred out of the beam – leaving the orange/red light to reach your eyes.You can demonstrate this using water in a fish tank and add a few drops of milk (to act as scattering particles). If you now shine a torch beam down the tank, the water appears blue from the side but the light appears red if you look at it directly from the other side of the tank! is where I found it. Cool stuff. We’ll have to get a fish tank and try it.

  2. Wow I like them both a lot. This is the kind of situation where I would have tried to “correct” the light, but that would have ruined the photo. Good job on the awesome color!-Matt-

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