I did not see the whole. I only saw this rock ahead of me; I only saw this poisonous snake which I had to kill in order to take the next step. I only saw the problem directly in front of me. If I had seen the whole thing, I would have been too overwhelmed to have attempted this.
-Henry Morton Stanley


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  1. Hi.  I just came upon your comment you left in someone elses, and thought I would stop in, and saw that your last name is Wood, and you live in West Virginia………you wouldn’t happen to be related to a Roger Wood, who lives in Lancaster, Ohio, would you?  He is in his 60’s. 
    So you like rock climbing?  Do you like Blue Grass music?
    Well, I hope you didn’t mind my stopping, and asking those questions.  Take care.  Good Luck on your ventures!!! 

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