Just playing around with my squirrel


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  1. Greg, seriously..you have GOT to stop thinking that all wild animals are your pets. What did you ever do with that huge bag of bunny food? I suppose you could try to pawn it off on “your” squirrel, but I don’t know if he’ll eat it. Did you try making that bunny food stew I sent you the recipe for? I forgot to say it might be good with a little garlic in it.

  2. Heh. For the record, the bunny wasn’t exactly a “wild” animal. It was obviously a pet at some time, and escaped or was dumped. Big black-and-white bunnies don’t last long in the wild, and apparently it didn’t. I didn’t try the recipe. I think I’d have to be awfully “mellow” to try that, but feeding the squirrel is an excellent idea for the bunny chow, I guthink! :^)

  3. Maybe the squirrel ate your bunny. Or maybe he’s off doing what all bunnies do – making bunny babies? Or maybe Easter is over and he’s back in Bunnyville? Or maybe he got a room somewhere?

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