Still working on this wall.


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  1. Yep…that’s part of a wall in my kitchen, the last of the fire damage…I just realized this reminds me of The Haunted House by Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs…remember?In my kitchen my stove was a blazing hotCoffee was a-boiling in the potGrease had melted in my panI had a hunk of meat in my handFrom out of space there sat a manOn the hot stove with the pots and pans”Say that’s hot” I began to shout He drank the hot coffee right from the spoutHe ate the raw meat right from my handDrank the hot grease from the frying panAnd said to me “You better run, and don’t be here when the morning comes”

  2. Greg, That is a totally awsome pic. I downloaded it and I keep going back to look at it, as each time there’s something new to see. Incredible.Keep up the good work!BobBB/070

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