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  1. how do you make moving objects streak like that? i’m trying to learn that on my camera, but i just don’t know how. instruction manual is useless and i only know a few websites, but they don’t help either.

  2. What I think is neat about this is the moving exposure of the man but a still exposure in the background.  I can mess up a photo quite well with movement of the camera but to do both seems to me would be a trick.  I like it.  Very nice.

  3. Well, it’s no secret. :^) Just get a good tripod, set your camera’s self-timer and use a long exposure. You may have to use aperture-priority metering and set the aperture as small as it will go to get a good long exposure, especially if there is a lot of light. This one was taken at dusk, so I just went with the programmed exposure, which was one second. That’s me, by the way.

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