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  1. Hi, I have been searching thru Xanga trying to find serious photographers to join my new ring.  You have lovely photos and you post regularly, photos you take.  My ring is new, small at this time but dead serious concerning membership criteria.  Possibly, you have no interest in another ring.  I hope you might check it out anyway.  It is not a ring that will be filled with sites that don’t belong there.  I can not promise all membership will do the highest quality of work, only that the membership will post their own original photos.  We can learn from each other and you have a lot to teach just by your photos being here to study.  If you care to check the ring out, CLICK HERE to view and if you care to join, please apply.  I am dead serious in the criteria of the ring, read the ABOUT THIS RING and if it sounds of interest, give us a whirl.  I’d be pleased if you would consider it. 
    I took a little time and studied your photos on your other site.  I enjoyed it.
    Best regards and lovely photos I hope you don’t mind a new subscription.

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