A different light

As some of you know, I was in a pretty bad car crash last Saturday. Both me and my camera were pretty banged up, but we are both repairable. I’m sporting two casts and a big knot on my head and some banged up ribs. Not bad considering I could easily be dead! I have no memory of the crash at all or anything leading up to it and I’m satisfied that it stay that way, as they tell me after I hydroplaned into some trees I was stuck in the car and trying to get out for a half an hour before an ambulance came. :^) Don’t think anyone would relish that memory! The brain is a wonderful thing sometimes… Actually, my first memory is looking up at the ceiling of the hospital as they were wheeling me in and thinking. Man, I must be in a Stephen King movie. Great series, by the way… For the record, as far as I can tell, I was NOT photographing while driving! No clues on the camera. Anyway, until my camera and I are fully recovered, which may be a few months, I’ll be revisiting my extensive archives and posting when I have time. In addition to recovering from this wreck, I’ll be trying to work from home and catch up in an online Flash course. I’m just letting everyone know so you won’t think I’m slacking off. Don’t want to turn this into a forum on my injuries. But I enjoy photoblogging on Xanga, and you can expect a fresh barrage when I get back on my feet! Well, back to bed for me!


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  1. Damn bro…you got WERKED. god bless..i like the photo with the fire hydrant…no joke…you don’t really suck despite my user name…take it as a compliment. god bless AGAIN.

  2. Oh my! I was wondering where you were. Two casts? What did you break? I’m so glad you’re okay.
    Please do keep me updated. Email any time. I understand you not wanting to update a lot here, but I would like to know how you’re doing. If you feel up to it, please do write now and then.

  3. geez, i had no idea this happened, i missed this post till now! so sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident, but glad to know you’re mending hope you have a speedy recovery

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