Some layers are more resilient, like vivid flashbacks floating up through forgotten memories.


4 thoughts on “

  1. hmm…this quote and the pic remind me of that old glenn close movie called Maxie. She lives in an apartment that is inhabited by a ghost and they even find some of her old posters (i think) behind old wallpaper. a great movie. i love this pic.

  2. hmmm…although I haven’t seen that movie, it reminds me of a book I once read, “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Have you read it? There’s an interesting site about it here, and you can even read the whole thing online here, if you have a comfortable chair, that is. Mine isn’t, so I’m getting up now!
    Glad you like the photo. :^)

  3. leaves much open to the imagination. very original. you have an eye for photography =)
    oh and by the way, the fruit’s real. but i did notice it looked a bit fuzzy, not sure why, probably my camera.

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