Through the looking glass


12 thoughts on “

  1. top one reminds me of a micheal jackson album… “dangerous” haha, anyways
    i really like the bottom one, very nice lighting going on there..

  2. I actually just took a picture like yours on the bottom. However in mine, you can’t see the picture, it’s mostly just a lot of snow ,and then I tinted the picture blue…
    I like yours better…
    nice photography, I wish I had premium so I could show some of mah stuff ::sadness::
    LYn (a random poster, lol, come check out mah site)

  3. OK here’s my little secret. The bottom photo is actually two photos superiimposed, one shot at normal focus and the mirror shot again at infinity. Plus, I fiddled around with the saturation levels a bit. Hope that doesn’t ruin it for you! heh

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