Somewhere on the Allegheny Trail last weekend.


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  1. Wow you must spend alot of time taking pictures!  I dont know how you post one a day unless you had quite a collection before you did this.  I will be taking pictures in West Virginia this weekend cause I have to go through there to get home.  It is the best for its scenery!  I think the last time I went through I used up five rolls of film.

  2. knightingale: Thanks! Yes, there certainly are, and this one was just a short walk from I-64.
    bethabe7: A digital camera sure helps… I used to use up 5 rolls of film in a day too, but it got to be a little expensive. I think that my new digicam has already paid for itself. Now, on a good day, I can use up 1 gigabyte of memory! I’ll look forward to seeing your WV pics!

  3. Sorry photophrenetic…Wont be any pictures any time soon.  I was called into a business meeting on monday in the wrong direction so I wont be up that way this weekend.  Maybe the next weekend.  I would like to buy a good digital camera.  I already have one eyed up but I spent a fortune on regular cameras just last year.  (I was going to open my own studio… Got all the stuff to do it and we moved out of state.)  Im not real sure where I64 is..Anything good around I-19?

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