Is everyone ready to take part in America 24/7?


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  1. hello there, i have a question for you.  may i use your “curtaincam” picture on my site?  i’ve credited it to you and put it on my profile, as you can see it if you feel so inclined , but i’d hate to use an artist’s work without his permission, so i thought i’d ask you.  please note that i’ve credited it to you, but if you’d like me to make the credit larger, i’d gladly do that.  please let me know.  if you’d rather i not use your picture, i can understand completely.  thank you!  you’re an excellent photographer.  ~christiana

  2. Looks nice. I’m flattered! The credit is a little hard to read, but it’s not big deal. Also it would be nice if you could incorporate a link back to the full size version on my blog page somehow…I could help you create a hot spot so just the credit line is clickable if you’d like…

  3. i can make the credit bigger.  if you want to make a link, go ahead, and i’ll be willing to put it on there, but i’m not too computer-literate so i can’t do it myself.  thanks sooo much for letting me use your picture.  i used to do a lot of photography but it got too expensive for me to keep up with developing and buying film, so i had to give it a break.  you’re an incredible photographer, though.  anyways… thanks a bunch.

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