“Some morning when the roar of March winds is no more heard in the tossing woods, but along still brown boughs a faint, veil-like greenness runs; when every spring, welling out of the soaked earth, trickles through banks of sod unbarred by ice; before a bee is abroad under the calling sky; before the red of apple-buds becomes a sign in the low orchards, or the high song of the thrush is pouring forth far away at wet pale-green sunsets, the sower, the earliest sower of the hemp, goes forth into the fields.”The Reign of Law: A Tale of the Kentucky Hemp Fields (OK, it’s really a cornfield this morning near Circleville, Ohio, but I like the quote…heh…)


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  1. Nice quote. Describes perfectly one of the most magical times of year (in my opinion) it always seems to startle me when I first notice the green veils and ruddy blushes creeping along the barren branches of trees, when one day the air seems as if it has somehow changed overnite…
    I also feel a special thrill when I see the new spring grass blushing in an exuberant shade of green, as in your photo. We used to have cornfields in our backyard, now we have nasty new houses with no souls.

  2. Yeah, I had to really dig through some soul-less territory to find this…To get this photo I had to go over a fence and cross some railroad tracks behind the motel where I was staying, then past a construction site and finally through some woods, where I found a “hobo trail” running between the railroad tracks and this stream, which is really more of a drainage ditch…anyways, here’s the source book and the hemp sower.

  3. I like the picture and the quote.. but for some reason the picture has a sad aura to it. Maybe it’s just the leaveless tree on the right that does it. Either way, good job. -Lynx-

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