Spring Hill.


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  1. Hey, you’ve got some nice photos here! I like the black cat in the woods I also like the b&w one of the curtains and camera. Nice work overall…wish I had time to look at everyone of ’em ! I only have a modem connection though so it goes kinda slow…I’ll be back!

  2. Wow… this photo is amazing! The backlighting and colorations of the sky are just a stunning contrast to that lone tree. Very good work!!
    Your other photos are quite good, as well! I enjoyed the ‘signs of spring’ pictures … they remind me of the paintings by Georgia O’Keefe.

  3. I absolutely love sunsets… I’m not anymore than an amateur photographer, but I have taken a few sunsets that I think turned out great.  I’ll try and get them on my site again soon… maybe midweek.  The sunsets are from a lake in Ontario when Mike and I were there this past summer at his family’s cottage.  My gosh it is a beautiful, serene and breathtaking place.  Yes, maybe this week I can just post a few pics from there.  You’ve inspired me!

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